Brits say "no" to MMS

Brits say "no" to MMS It seems that MMS just isn’t tickling the fancy of us brits. In a recent survey by NOP it appears that 80% of those surveyed want absolutely nothing to do with it.

Orange are currently pushing hard with free trials for new products and services – their “Try” campaign is well known at present and is an obvious attempt to get people to use new whizzy stuff. Although NOP found that just over half of us (55 per cent) have handsets capable of sending MMS messages, we just don’t bother. It’s not that people don’t KNOW how to, they just don’t.

A recent problem has been compatibility between networks and phones, but this should all be sorted now. Even the American CDMA network operators have agreed to iron out compatibility issues, however the high cost and “have you got one that’ll do MMS” questions are still being asked though, so these may need to be addressed – and only time can fix this.

To make matters possibly worse, with in-built mega-pixel cameras coming soon, does this mean we’ll need to pay even more for our super-hi-quality MMS messages to be chucked around the networks ?

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