Another special offer!

Another special offer!

 A great 3D game collection for air combat and flight simulation fans
Amazing ! Save up to $25 with this twin pack!

PPC $14.95

3D Air Combat Game Pack
2 Cool Games for the price of 1

3D Mini-Dogfight 1.5a – The First Multi-Platform & Multi-Player real time 3D Air Combat Game for PPC features famous WWII fighters! Enjoy exciting air combat with realistic physics simulation and impressive natural sceneries. Dogfight Head-To-Head, Enjoy Together!

3D Mini-Jetfight 1.2a – The Multi-Platform & Multi-Player 3D Modern Air Combat Game features 7 famous jet fighters and A/A missiles. Feel the excitement of high-altitude, high-speed jet fighters and experience the breathtaking air combat with air-to-air missiles!



GLADIATORS OF DELPHI *NEW* A cool 3D Game which leads legendary heroes into battle against dark foes, or side with the forces of evil to annihilate all that is good!

COLONY *NEW* Colony pitches you against challenge after challenge on your quest to conquer a series of strange worlds.

INVASION TRIVIA *FUN* Earth is threatened by two wise-cracking aliens and you are choosen to defend your world in a contest of knoweldge!!
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