Pocket Golf Sale!

Pocket Golf Sale! Our partners over at ClickGamer have a great deal on the excellent Pocket Golf. It’s worth checking out – definitely! I’ve only posted it here on the front page because it’s a 48 hour special – so be quick!

 Clickgamer is going Crazy for Pocket Mini Golf ! 48 Hour Sale !

Buy any Pocket Mini Golf title for 40% OFF!

Pocket Mini Golf
The original best selling mini golf game ! Sooo addictive!

SALE $7.77

Pocket PC

Pocket Mini Golf – eXtra
72 all new levels – a brilliant add-on pack (requires Pocket Mini Golf)

SALE $4.77

Pocket PC

Pocket Mini Golf – Bundle
Combines Pocket Mini Golf plus the new “eXtra” pack at a cool bargain price!

SALE $11.37

Pocket PC


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