Windows Mobile + Motorola – Changing mobile phones forever!

Windows Mobile + Motorola   Changing mobile phones forever! Over at / Mobile Gadget News, they’re covering the MDC (Mobile Developers Conference) and have some interesting photos direct from the event. Motorola, in my mind, are really leading the pack at the moment with their range of MS Smartphone devices. They’re top quality, well designed and they carry a lot of features – which allow the Windows Mobile platform to flex its’ muscles big time.

Some shots that particularly interested me were the presentation slides regarding the MPx and MPx100 and Windows Mobile 2003 SE info.. This one reports on the 30FPS video speed, whilst this one shows that the new “Ringtone Manager” which has a 64 Voice Midi Engine and MP3 ringtones – yes – MP3 RINGTONES!

This slide shows voice dialling capabilities and VOIP too! There’s info on the Java capabilities, the Bluetooth capabilities and the real “biggy” – Wi-fi, which will be in-built on the MPx and available as a dedicated accessory on the MPx100 – which DOESN’T take up the SD card slot! Wu-ha! There’s also info on battery life, plus the future plans. They’re really not kidding when they say that Motorola Platform plus Windows Mobile = MotoPro. This is gonna be one kick up the backside for the entire mobile phone sector.

We’ve come a loooong way from the mobile phones of yesteryear (although this pic has been slightly tweaked) 😉

All shots taken from Mobile Gadget News /, so click here for the full story.