MPx200 News

MPx200 News We’ve been running some stories about the short supply in the UK of the excellent Motorola MPx200, which is one of our fave MS Smartphones.

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy recently and missed this email from Orange, who did email me several days ago (sorry guys!). It’s good news too, and I’ve lost count of the amount of people asking, “That’s nice – What’s that phone?” when they see the MPx200. Orange also mention the “future MPx devices” – so expect to see the excellent MPx100 and the MPx on Orange soon eh? 😉


Contrary to rumours on a number of internet sites, Orange is continuing to sell the Motorola MPx200, and the phone remains present on our handset roadmap for some months. We are looking forward to working with Motorola and Microsoft on future Motorola MPx devices.

Orange Retail and its channel partners currently have enough stock to cover customer demand and we are looking forward to providing them with further units as required.