Mapopolis .. pretty promising

Mapopolis .. pretty promising You may have heard of this already – a full map of the UK (or where ever you are in the world) on your Smartphone… with GPS capabilities too (if only!)

I’ve had a bit of a play – after downloading the free software and maps (time limited) here .. I have to say, it looks pretty good. I downloaded my local map and (although I’m not sure if this was by mobile phone transmitter info or just sheer luck) it found where I was.

This software looks very promising, and coupled with a GPS receiver it would really take off – and people could use their MS Smartphone on their dashboard to navigate instead of having another device do it.. however, we need that GPS

Update – There is a 9PIN serial -> SPV cable available, so we’re gonna give this a try with a GPS receiver ! Let’s see what happens. Brian from is also testing it.

Grab the file free here at