Where’s the MPx200 gone?

Wheres the MPx200 gone? Ok, I’ve been hoping that this was just a blip, but I have to say… where has the Motorola MPx200 gone ? A quick check of the Orange site reveals that there aren’t any MPx200’s on sale.

I’m hearing several reasons for this – software problems, lack of batteries and more. I’m inclined to believe the latter – but can anyone at Orange confirm this or give us more info ?

The E200 is available for £59.99 still, but what about the Moto ?

UPDATE – Still no news from Orange for the official reason, but there are many rumours – including a possible software glitch that ramps up the GPRS usage without people knowing about it (UltimateSmartphone.com), whilst I’m getting emails saying it’s just “out of stock”, or that Orange have stopped ordering them (waiting for the MPx220?), or that they’ve simply shifted a lot more than expected. I also had one mail that said, “They keep freezing on the start up screen, people lose all of their contacts and cannot get into the calendar system. It also doesn’t like being used whilst on charge, the outer screen works but the inner doesnt and when it does start to work it then reboots.” 🙁

We see that they’re still available in some Orange stores, but why have the brakes been put on Orange ? What’s happening guys ?

EDIT – I’ve had mails calling me “kiddy lover” because I had this picture attached to this story. What an absolutely sick world we live in. This is a stock image and doesn’t “mean” anything, it’s just a picture of someone being sad – that’s all. So, to keep any sick people who believe anything like that, I’ve swapped it for a sad frog instead.. is that OK ?

UPDATE 2 – If you’re on AT&T Wireless in the states, then there could be further problems – check this story out for more.