Did I forget to mention?

Did I forget to mention? Here’s a nice rosy red Mitac Mio 8390, taken from Mobile01.com during their coverage of the launch party.

It wasn’t the handset that caught my eye (although it does look nice), but the women – as MSMobiles.com has already spotted. Although CoolSmartPhone has been on Motorola land this week, we must praise MiTAC for using semi-naked girls in their promotions. It’s not Politically Correct, but who cares – we love it – see all the ladies here at Mobile01.com. MiTAC are great – especially when they get directors and PR men to stand in front of a huge billboard of a naked girl “caressing” herself whilst using her…. MS Smartphone… errrmm …. like …. as you do…. 🙂 – This one had me laughing quite a bit. Oh… and to get all techie for a minute, there’s a piccy of the handset playing a 466 Kbps clip over GPRS – vrroom?!

Yet more girls and gadgets (sounds like the front cover of any lads magazine) – Click here (MSMobiles.com)
Did I forget to mention?   Hey MiTAC ! Can I have one please?! (And a phone?) 😉 😉 😉