That didn’t work!

That didnt work! As you may have seen throughout today, I have been testing out the whizzy new site. This comes with a new backend, which means you DON’T have to log in each time! However, there was one tiny thing I couldn’t test…. and that was the load. Everything worked fine until I hit the big “switch” and then it fell over in minutes – unable to fulfill everyones’ requests for pages, news, downloads etc.

Unfortunately this apparently “newer” version of the Content Management System (that’s the posh name for the software I use to keep this thing going) has had way too much “gubbins” thrown into it – all of which is good – but all of which slows the server down to a crawl. The only way to fix this is to get a bigger, better server with a newer version of PHP / MySQL and some serious caching stuff going on. Suffice to say, that’ll take a bit of time and money to sort – so for the time being we’re still here, but back to ye old design. 🙂

To make up for everything, I wanna say a big thanks to kl1wdr from for this excellent skin, which is now available for you lot by clicking here!