Voq your body

Voq your body The Voq MS Smartphone, which was announced some time back in Canada by Sierra, has recently appeared on the FCC website. However, the dodgey 1980’s style keyboard (it looked like part of an old getto-blaster) has now been ditched in favour of some cushdie new keys.

There’s also some interior shots, with innards made by Siemens, on the FCC site. More news as it arrives on this, but catch the full story at MSMobileNews.com

Also, it was announced in a recent Teledigestuk report that “Sierra Wireless has confirmed that its innovative Voq Professional smartphone, which we have featured before, will debut in the UK later in the spring. The device, which runs Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, has a USP in that it boasts a full QWERTY keyboard that users access by pulling open the flap on the front of the phone that also houses its numeric keypads. The handset features a 200MHz processor, 32MB of RAM, a 200×176 pixel colour screen, and an SD expansion card slot. While cut-down versions of Microsoft applications like Internet Explorer and Outlook are included there is however no integrated digital camera or Bluetooth.”