Mail mail mail…

Mail mail mail... Well, I’m back and currently in the middle of downloading several thousand emails. To make things worse, about 99% of them are virused emails – which I presume is this “MyDoom” email virus that I’ve heard about. In fact, even since my last mail collection about an hour ago there’s another 259 of these waiting to come down. Fun huh? I really LOVE these virus writers. They’re probably sitting there now thinking “Yeah, look at what I did, I’m so powerful man”. No, actually – you’re not. You’re just helping sales of anti-virus software and I hope you get locked up pretty soon. :)

To read more about the “MyDoom” virus (I know it as the Novarg.A), click here. Please note that this virus is another mass-mailing worm which will fake the senders address – you should NOT assume that the sender listed on the email IS the actual sender!

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