A New Smartphone ?

A New Smartphone ? Could this be the new handset from ICT Technologies and EurophoneUSA? Well, we’re not sure, but it sounds bloody good. Called the SG 4000, Joshua Shainberg (head honcho of ICT Technologies) says, “It shall be perfect for people who want more features in a smaller and lighter handset… We are excited to be introducing and delivering these high-end phones to the marketplace and we are equally excited in our partnership with Uroa Tech, which I believe will continuously yield superior products to the worldwide marketplace”

Code-named “Remo”, it’ll hopefully be a Quad-band, GSM/GPRS, sliding smart phone with a 1.3-mega-pixel resolution camera and built-in flash and many additional features. We’re just hoping that the word BLUETOOTH finds its way in there too! Also with this handset should be Windows Mobile 2003 and somehow, an integrated TV feature. Well, we’ll wait and see! 🙂

For the full press release, click here.

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Source – msmobiles.com