The MPx220 – Yes, it is real and yes – it is coming!

The MPx220   Yes, it is real and yes   it is coming! Interesting! On page 29 of this T-Mobile Germany Motorola info sheet there’s info about the much-rumoured Motorola MPx220. It states here that the phone is scheduled for a first half 2004 release, and will come equipped with the Bluetooth and integrated camera that users are lusting over.

This is good news, but obviously it may disappoint those who’ve just gone and bought a Motorola MPx200. Don’t be put off though – the Motorola MPx200 is still my “phone of the moment” and I’m constantly raving about it. Don’t forget that this new MPx220 is still more than half a year away! This new handset, expected to come with Windows Mobile 2003 like the SPV E200, will be in direct competition to the E200 as it will have almost identical features.

Amazingly – some shops are already getting ready to sell it, like!

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