Orange network blip

Orange network blip As I can’t make calls at the moment – although to some people I can, others I can’t, and the Orange UK Customer Service line appears to be broken too… I guessed there was a bit of a problem with something.

Apparently this is due to a HLR (home location register) failure and only a “minor fault”. However, former telecoms analyst Chris Godsmark said he had spoken to Orange Directory Inquires and was told that “65%” of the Orange network has failed. Orange deny this, saying it is much more like 6% at most. Unfortunately, in my house, 3 out of the 4 mobiles cannot make calls to certain numbers.. very strange.

More on this (and source) – The Scotsman and the BBC.

On a personal note, although I WAS affected by this, it’s the first time I’ve been unable to make a call for any significant length of time for many many years on the Orange network.