Good god! It’s here!

Good god! Its here! The much anticipated OS update to the Orange SPV / SPV E100 handset is now finally available. At present this will kill everything held in your IPSM directory though, so you may want to wait until Orange roll out their Backup and Restore tool next week (December 15th).

You can grab the update here – it’s a chunky download, but it’s worth it. Not only do you FINALLY get your MSN capability back, but it also makes your E100 a bit quicker. 🙂 It also includes Space Maker and Task Manager, two handy utilities which can also be found on the E200. After the Orange update you should be running OS version

You can download it now if you wish, however if you don’t want to lose data then it may be best to wait until next week for the backup and restore option. 🙂

Update – There appears to be some confusion over Application Unlocking this new Orange Update .. here’s an interesting article on a way it can be done WHILST you’re upgrading. (