A new way to remote control!

A new way to remote control! Steven Buehler has just emailed in about a new set of Power Toys from Microsoft, which have been quietly released. These include a much better Remote Control package as part of their Windows Mobile Developer Power Tools here.

Just download the second package – you can grab it directly by clicking here, about 1.8Mb, then Syncronise your Smartphone (over bluetooth or cradle) and then run “ActiveSync Remote Display”. It requires NO additional software on the SmartPhone to view and interact with your SmartPhone from the PC! Excellent!!!

F1 – Left action button
F2 – Right Action Button
Enter – Middle Action button
Arrow keys – Joystick
F6 – Earpiece up
F7 – Earpiece down
F8 – Star (*) key
F9 – Hash (#) key (AKA “Gate” or “Pound” key)
Esc – Back

UPDATE – This works fine on Smartphone 2002!