You may think it a little crazy of me to be plugging other “competing” websites, but you’d be wrong – the more the merrier, as it benefits the Smartphone community! Today appeared on my screen.

It’s run by Sean from the USA, and he’s just got his MPx200. He’s done a review of his first impressions here. Remember – this is a new user who hasn’t touched a Microsoft Smartphone before, so his opinion is worth noting.

I’ve added his site to the links under “handset specific” for now, but I may move it to the “Smartphone sites” if he branches out.

Click here to visit

Also, while I’m here – I noticed that and have been bought by some software company running software for phones (mostly Nokia and Symbian!), whilst here in the UK some quick-thinker has bought, but.. and / is available at the moment if anyone wants it?