Can you do me a favour??

Can you do me a favour??

OK guys, as you all know this site takes … well, a lot of bloody work. We’re talking several hours a day. 🙂 So I need a bit of help.

The articles section, which holds most of the stuff I’ve written about the Smartphone, needs a bit of a spring clean. I’ve been told that navigating around this bit is a bit “tricky” and finding the article you want can be a bit of a problem. So… I need you guys to come up with a solution – I need to divide the articles into categories. At the moment, they’re in categories like “Hardware tweaks”, “Sounds” etc etc.. But what I need is ideas on what new categories should be created. Do I need to reduce the amount of categories ? Or increase them ? What are they to be called?

Do send your ideas in – just hit contact on the left here.

Also, this weekend and next week are gonna be pretty big for me, as I’m moving into our first home with my darlin’. I’m not gonna have broadband, I’m not even gonna have a telephone line quite yet – so there may be a bit of a slight break in service while I’m sorting the “big stuff” in my life. 🙂

Bear with it! 🙂

Oh, and I just wanna say a big hello to all the US visitors with Motorola MPx200 Smartphones. Please feel free to log in, write articles about this phone (MMS settings, GPRS settings etc etc) that I do not currently have.