MPx200 and E200 from AVR

MPx200 and E200 from AVR Whether these are preorders or actually available is unknown, but you can check out various packages and prices over at AVR Mobiles

Check out the deals on the Motorola MPx200 here and the Orange SPV E200 here. If I were to use my current talk plan (Your Plan 200 and 60 bundles texts per month), then you can get the E200 for £106.99 or the MPx2– for £115.99… Don’t ask me about prices, I have no idea… Just before I bought my SPV (about a year ago), I told my “other half” to go to River Island while I “looked” at phones in the Orange shop. 5 minutes later, I’d bought my phone .. See lads, that’s how you do it. 😉

What was that ? You want to know how much it is to upgrade? Ooo errmm.. try… this page for more info. The E200 (if you give in your SPV or E100 as part of the “buy back” scheme, which we presume they’ll give you £30 for) will be about £164.99 .. whereas the MPx200 will go for £169.99.

We’re expecting the E200 to appear in November, whilst the Motorola MPx200 should show up here in the UK any day now.

More info – AVR Mobiles