Virus mania..

Virus mania.. Running a site of this size unfortunately does have the odd bad point – spam and viruses being the major ones. Swen, probably the most (un)popular virus at the moment, has been filling up my inbox for months now. In fact, if I didn’t have broadband I’d probably spend hours fishing through all this “Important MS Update” rubbish.

So, from today, I’m (a little late!) activating a server-based Virus Scanner which will prevent this from getting through by striping the damaging attachments. It’s always advisable to have your own PC-based virus checker, but having one on the server means that I don’t waste time downloading virused attachments every time I do a mail collection.

If you’d like virus scanning, then you can attach it to your domain name for just 40 quid a year – that’s just £3.33 a month or 83p a week. It’s well worth it – especially when “Swen” shows no sign of stopping any time soon!

To buy what I got, click here.