Orange CEO – Drive! Drive!

Orange CEO   Drive! Drive! Orange CEO Sol Trujillo today urged the industry to fully exploit the potential of mobile telephony.

To do this, he raised 4 key points – let’s call them the four “I’s”… Interoperability, Intuition, Interests and Intimacy.

Trujillo said: “I am asked almost every day is ‘what is the next killer application?’. But it’s the wrong question to ask. The question needs to be ‘How do we build the killer environment?’. An environment which will enable all the different things different people want to do. An environment where a vast diversity of content and applications are born, grow and develop. An environment where customers can easily choose, access and use content and applications that fit their work patterns, their lifestyles and their interests.

Trujillo then said something that I agree with completely….

“…. we need to create a killer environment. So I can pick up any handset and in the space of just 30 seconds figure it all out and see what it’s capable of, how it can truly help me communicate, with whoever, whenever, irrespective of time or place, location or nation.”

This is the important and winning PLUS POINT of the Windows Mobile Phone. It’s familiar – we’ve all used Windows, we all know how it works. We pick up a Windows Mobile phone – a Smartphone, and press “Programs” or “Start” … instantly we see …

The Inbox, with a familiar-looking Inbox icon – We know what that’s for.

Contacts, with a familiar “contacts” icon. Easy, that’s for my contacts then.

Calendar, with the MS Calendar icon. For appointments? Yeah? Easy.

The Internet Explorer logo – We know what that does.

Photo – For …err.. taking Photos!

..and so on.. So within a few minutes I can add a contact, send an email with a Voice Recording attached… or send a Photo along with it. The best bit ? When you get your next Windows Smartphone – it’s all familiar, and you can use it to make communicating easy!

Read more about Sol Trujillos’ speech at ITU Telecom World event in Geneva, Switzerland here.