30,000 Members!

30,000 Members! Strewth! 30,000 people – and as I speak, there’s 310 people on-line.. I’m still pretty fazed by all this y’know. 🙂

I’m waiting for the Motorola MPx200 and the Orange SPV E200 .. these two phones are really going to change things. The Motorola MPx200, with it’s clamshell design, tiny, shiny appearance will attract a new breed of customer – the kids! 🙂 Up until now, the MS SmartPhone has been used by several different types of people – but the Motorola MPx200 will attract a different market. The new market will be mostly people who buy on image – “A funky-looking phone, that can play MP3s? I’ll have one!” This should rock the boat a bit 🙂

The Orange SPV E200 will be the new “daddy” – with Bluetooth and Camera integrated into the handset. So what’s your choice ? Motorola Cool or E200 Features?