Mini Superbike

Mini Superbike Hmm.. this looks good! 3D Mini-Sportsbike (Motorcycle Racing) is $19.95 and…

… hang on a minute…. Listen.. I’ve got one thing to say here. – why are all your prices in US dollars ? Why ? Where are all the MS Smartphones? Are they in the US (yet) ? No.. Can you PLEASE put the price in Euro’s or British Pounds Sterling ? It’d increase your sales over night… But no..

Anyway, $19.95 is (after getting a calculator…) £11.98, or 16.89 EUR. And lemme tell you.. it looks MIGHT FINE. You can compete on one of 8 superbike racing tracks featured with splendid urban scenery, or 5 motocross racing tracks with a wild landscape.

This game really doesn’t need words to sell itself. Check this out for more details and screenshots.

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