Bill Champs the Smartphone

Bill Champs the Smartphone As seen by this photo, taken by MSMobiles whilst Bill Gates was giving his presentation, it’s clear that the Microsoft Smartphone gives a higher return to the network operator. Whilst this means bigger bills for us lot, it does also mean that the high-end business user is utilising the phone more and giving the Network more reason for selling MS Smartphone – ensuring the Smartphone succeeds…..

Bill Champs the Smartphone

And imagine the scene – you’re the boss of an Engineering company installing stuff. Your engineers need to take pictures of their installs (whatever it may be, installing heating equipment, boilers, network cabinets, phones.. whatever).. and send them back to the office so that there’s evidence that the install was done, and it was done correctly. Previously, you would’ve had to equip each engineer with a Digital Camera, a laptop, a cable to link the two, and a mobile phone to create a connection to the web to send the pictures back to the office. Now – especially with the soon-to-be-release E200, all that isn’t needed. The engineer can get on with his / her job, take a picture, get their Eleksen keyboard out and bingo – they can send an email back to the office, attach the email and away they go.

All this means that …

(1) The Network win – they get a higher ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) – VERY important now that the marketplace is saturated with Mobile Phones – the networks can now longer make huge amounts from new connections.

(2) The Business User wins – they save money on hardware, training and other equipment.

(3) We (the average “joe” on the street) win, because we get a funky-ass phone that plays MP3’s, videos, audio samples as ringtones… has a colour screen, changeable backgrounds / skins and a whoooooolllleee lot more for a pretty good price.

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