Smart Update 1.6

Smart Update 1.6 You may have noticed that most of the webmasters of other Smartphone websites are in Redmond, Seattle for Mobius 2003 (big mobile event – if you want updates on what’s happening – check out Dales’ Pocket PC Passion – they’ve already had a play with the Voq Smartphone). However, I’m busy getting drunk instead… The reason? Well, I just can’t go – me and “the missus” are in the middle of moving into our first home, so I have paper-work, solicitors, and bucket-loads of carpets / cupboards / sofas / kitchen stuff to buy etc. It’s all very boring for people to hear but unfortunately something I need to concentrate a lot of my thoughts on at the moment.

Anyhow.. the work goes on – Modaco reports on the latest OS Update for the Smart Amazing Handset.

The latest SMART Amazing Phone software upgrade will provide you with the following benefits:

o 20 to 30% Extended battery life

o Action Engine Software

o Amazing Explorer – (Smart Online, Establishment Finder, SSS Online)

o Amazing Store

o Smart Secure

More info + download can be found by clicking here!

Also over at is this picture from the French Orange brochure of the E200. (I err.. tweaked it a bit)…

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