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AIM Price Cut





SmartPhone Special Deals !

It’s Puzzle Time at AIM Productions !

Looking for some addictive Puzzle games for your SmartPhone while saving a buck or two? Don’t look any further because we’ve got some smashing discounts for you in our SmartPhone Special Deals for this Month !

Get some of our Bestselling Puzzle-games: Tmax and/or Done in 50 Seconds NOW temporarily for only $7.99 instead of $12.99!

These offers are only valid till the end of October 2003, so get them while you can ! And for those of you who didn’t have the time to check out Tmax and Done in 50seconds in the past, here’s a little reminder:

Outsmart the Evil Minotaur! Take control of the heroes Theseus and Ariadne and get out of the maze before the minotaur gets you.
For every move you make, the minotaur makes two. But you can beat him, as he has a design flaw.
TMax contains 42 levels of mind-bending levels for you to conquer. Think differently and you’ll beat the system.

Done in 50 Seconds
All you puzzle freaks fasten your seatbelts because Done In 50 Seconds will take you on a joyride through more than 60 levels of brainchallenging puzzles! Put yourself in high gear and steal your dream car out of the garage by moving all other cars, vans, and trucks, within a given timeframe. Think fast, move efficiently and maybe you’ll outrun the COPS ! Oh,.. and don’t let the demo fool you ! The demo only contains the first very easy levels to get used to the principles of the game. Higher levels are hard to beat and you won’t be able to complete the game in just a couple of hours or days


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