Orange Announces the launch of the Treo 600

Orange Announces the launch of the Treo 600

Orange are on a launch frenzie at the moment. Today they’re announcing the launch of the Handspring Treo 600, with the new re-branded name of the “Orange Treo 600”. The Treo will sit in the Orange Signature device range, to add to the SPV and the recently announced Motorola MPx200.

Although this is not an MS-based handset, it’s worth noting as a new release from Orange. Handspring’s Treo is a marketted as a “next-generation smartphone”, and it’ll be launched very soon. Don’t forget that in November the C200 (E200/SPV2) should be poking it’s head out of the Orange duvet, plus the Motorola MPx200 will be appearing soon too, so if you wanna keep MS Smartphone friendly, keep an eye out for those! πŸ™‚

The Treo has a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard, a large colour touch screen and stylus, a built in camera and will be complete with a host of Orange services. It uses the some dodgey Palm Operating System or other… πŸ˜‰

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Additional info by Mick Warren…

β€œThe Treo 600 operates on the Palm OS 5.2.2H with a TI OMAP 310 (ARM9 core).  It has an LCD touch-screen (160×160, 3375 colours), backlit full QWERTY keyboard, five-way navigation button and a digital camera VGA.  The Treo 600 also gives users an impressive six hours talk time (1800mAh) 10 days or 240 hours of standby and three days of data preservation.

The device is Quad band (850, 900, 1800, 1900) with Class 10 Class B GPRS and has a secure digital expansion slot.  It also comes with 32MB RAM (ca. 26Mb usable) and 8MB flash ROM.”