PDA’s?? They’re old hat! :)

PDAs?? Theyre old hat! :) The market for Pocket Organisers (PDA’s) is expected to decline for the second year running, as customers choose to buy Smartphones and phone-enabled PDA’s instead.

Worldwide shipments for unconnected PDA’s are expected to decline during 2003 by 8.4 per cent, however it is expected to bounce back. It should be stressed that this figure is only for unconnected PDA’s – a lot of PDA’s now have wireless / GPRS / phone capability built in now, and these are still selling well.

Smartphones and “converged devices” (phone / PDA) are expected to shift around 13,000,000 units this year – this compares to an expected figure of 11,350,000 for unconnected PDA units.

More information and source can be found here – silicon.com