Thoughts for the day..

Thoughts for the day..

As a Smartphone tweaker, I’m always browsing around all the sites in the links section to check the “vibe” and see what the latest news is.

The latest from MS Mobiles intrigues me. I see quite a bit of MS Smartphone bashing in my everyday life too. People at work, mates and people I meet show me their “Smartphones” like Samsungs and new Nokias with colour screens etc. They also – of late – show me the power and (I have to be honest and admit it) the speed of the Sony P800. I can’t lie, it’s a good phone – you have to state it really. The browsing is slick and smooth, the movies play well on it and a HECK of a lot of Sony money has been thrown at it. 

I, like MSMobiles, see sites dedicated to the MS Smartphone closing, and I see the steps that may take in order to survive.

So I ask myself – is the MS Smartphone platform in trouble? No – not by a loooong way. Sure, we have an “issue” with the MiTAC Mio 8380 code-signing, but hopefully this will be rectified very shortly.

But just look around you. 16,000 users on this site – and it’s growing at a thousand per week currently. These people are learning easier and quicker through the great chain of sites (MoDaCo SmartPhoneMicrosoft Mobile – and all the others I’ve no doubt missed – check the links section for more!) and they are showing others – passing on the power.

Yes, people get confused when I say “Smartphone” – they believe that a P800 or some Samsung thing is a Smartphone. I beg to differ – to me, a Smartphone is an MS Smartphone. One that plays Doom, lets me watch a comedy show on the way to work, change the background, COMPLETELY alter the homescreen, alter my ringtone to any WAV file in the planet, play an MP3, let me write an email, take a picture, store files, browse the web, Sync all my contacts and hell – even make a phone call.

So here’s our site, nearly a million individual hits and 16,000 members. Whilst we recognise some minor things that need sorting on the Smartphone, those gripes are far out-weighed by its qualities.

So say two things to anyone you meet – “Yeah, it’s a Smartphone – get one, they’re bloody great – then go to  and find out how to make it shine!” 😉

And now… I’m off to the pub!! 🙂