Orange and EDS get in bed together

Orange and EDS get in bed together Orange and EDS are to make integrating mobile devices easier for enterprise telecoms and IT departments in a new project.

They’re planning on providing an ECO system (Extended Connected Office) to organisations who have doubts about mobile business. There will also be joint product launches and consulting.

I used to work for EDS… let’s just hope they’ve changed since I worked there ! There was a unbelievable amount of red tape, too many meetings to decide the smallest of things (such as the manufacturer of chairs etc) and worst of all – the coffee machine never worked and when it did, you had to pay for coffee! 🙂

I’ll stop now .. I’m trying not to add my own opinions into this article but it’s all going wrong. Hey, I could tell you about the time that an “area director” came down to the EDS building I used to work at… and I could tell you how he decided to get 300+ staff packed into the break room to give them a “chat” (which wasn’t very big and had no windows to open) .. and I could tell you about how people started feinting and falling on the floor… and then I could tell you how this certain director stepped over the fallen bodies to carry on talking about how people were the most important thing to EDS…. (which is when I decided to leave) .. but I won’t… 🙂

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