O2 to bring out Smartphone later this year

O2 to bring out Smartphone later this year GeekZone reports today that network operator O2 is to begin selling a Smartphone in quarter 4 of this year (near Christmas). However, it will be running Smartphone 2003 (Windows Mobile 2003) – not Smartphone 2002.

Which model “MS-based Smartphone” it will be is a mystery at the moment – we’re thinking it could possibly be the Tanager (SPV E100 on Orange) or – if they are going to release in Quarter 4, they could have the option of the HTC Voyager (SPV 2 on Orange). It is also unclear where O2 plan to release it, as O2 is active in several different territories.

Source : GeekZone. More info – Myo2Smartphone.com

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