Full Orange SPV E100 Review Published in WebUser Magazine

Full Orange SPV E100 Review Published in WebUser Magazine
An “Exclusive” review of the “most wanted” Smartphone of the moment is available now in WebUser magazine. WebUser – The UK’s Best Selling Internet Magazine, has the test on page 34 and 35 of their June 26 – July 9th issue. (See picture of cover here)

The magazine states that the SPV E100 comes….

– Complete with a roll-up keyboard (Eleksen)
– Expected retail price of £200 inc VAT + Orange Contract

The review is currently only available in their magazine off the shelf, however it will probably become available here after July 9th.

£200 – will you pay ? Check the poll on the left panel. Don’t forget to check out our reviews of the SPV E100 – AKA the Tanager here and here.

WebUsers’ verdict ? Well, they say it’s “bulky” and “slow to start up”, but they also say that it has “tons of features”, “easier to use” and has a “wonderfully crisp” screen. Overall, they liked it – and so they should, it’s an excellent phone.

Matt Chapman, the man behind the SPV E100 review is also on page 18 – 21 “road-testing” the original SPV in a real-life challenge. Check it out.

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