ASUS ZenWatch 3 – Round Android Wear

After Acer, it’s ASUS’s turn to announce stuff (old and new) at IFA here in Berlin. The ZenWatch 3 is probably the most interesting thing so far. As reported by Android Central, the ASUS ZenWatch 3 is the new Android Wear smartwatch from ASUS. With a round

IFA Berlin 2016 – Acer Press Conference

It’s all kicking off here in Berlin and Matteo will be covering as much as possible for Today we start off with the Acer Press Conference. The coffee is good, the stage wrapped by a massive curved screen is set and we are ready to go.

Acer – Live from IFA

Can’t make it to IFA? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Today it’s Acer’s Global Press Conference and you can watch proceedings live below.. Matteo is in the event right now and will be giving you the full run-down on events inside the Acer launch very soon

iClever BoostRun BTH06 Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Perhaps it’s just me. I’m not sure, but I’ve reviewed quite a number of Bluetooth headphones over my time and they usually fall into two distinct categories. Category one is usually the sort that go flat after just an hour, but the sound and the bass response

Using your phone on holiday. Top tips.

Honestly. I’m no good at the Search Engine Optimisation business. I’m writing this during the last few days of August. It’s when most of you guys are returning from holiday but here, here I am writing an article on how to prepare for a holiday. That’s a

Honor 8 – Camera Sample Gallery

Earlier this week I was a guest of Honor at the European launch of the Honor 8, their new flagship. In this article I’ll let you see some Honor 8 camera sample shots thanks to the magic of the internets. The Honor 8 has an impressive spec

Urgent iPhone update

Hello iPhone users. Hope your phones are safe!! News is that there has been a botched attempt to hack into an iPhone recently. Apple have promptly responded with a global update and has marked it as “URGENT”.  The story is that the break in was attempted by

Don’t want your WhatsApp sharing with Facebook? Here’s what you need to do..

Since Facebook’s huge purchase of the WhatsApp platform in 2014 and getting rid of the 99p annual fee, they’ve introduced a voice call facility, a desktop application and end-to-end encryption since. However, they never capitalised on any new revenue streams. Well, as you saw yesterday, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced

Mobile games are poised to get console-like graphics

Checking Facebook, Twitter and your email. It’s something we all do on our mobiles and it’s something that smartphones will do with ease. However, it’s only the tip of the iceberg and, whether it be due to not knowing or not wanting to deplete our all-important batteries,

EE to deliver 6 months of Apple Music for free

OK, a little warning before I start. This article features Kevin Bacon in tight fitting Lycra. Sorry in advance if you’re eating your breakfast. It’s all because EE are giving new and upgrading pay monthly iOS and Android customers a whole six months of access to  in

Sengled Boost LED WiFi repeater bulb review

Good Points: Easy Setup. Control from Android/iOS app. Dim-able. Used alone or in a group of bulbs. Innovative hidden way to increase WiFi coverage. Bad Points:  Large Unit Size No ability to program on/off times Need to connected to same WiFi nerwork for app control. In today’s

WhatsApp will now share your data with Facebook.

It’s a move that we could almost feel coming after the application became free. Facebook will now be able to see phone numbers from WhatsApp to allow “better friend suggestions”. Not only that, but they want to let third parties send you “marketing texts” through WhatsApp instead

Three take you on a road trip with the RoadFi

Three are now selling something to keep the kids happy on those long drives. Whether you’re off on holiday, going to relatives far away or you simply need to keep the iPads, iPods and tablets connected for a journey to the shops, the new Huawei RoadFi should

HTC to roll out Nougat in Q4

Got yourself a HTC phone? Want to get the very latest Android 7.0 OS, AKA Nougat, on there? Good news, friend. It’s coming later this year. HTC have given us a statement to share on this which reads as follows… We’re excited to receive final shipping Android

Honor 8 – Everything you need to know

I like Honor. They’re clever, produce good handsets and they price them sensibly. In certain ways it’s like the early days of branded HTC handsets. HTC were always keen to show us their kit and they wanted to impress. They were proactive and eager. Now Honor are

Honor Paris Launch – Live

We’re here in the beautiful city of Paris to cover the latest handset from Honor. For all the latest developments we’re blogging live, and you can get detail via our man @todoleo on Twitter. We’ve got a live stream of his adventures just below, including pictures and

The perfect convertible? – a leftfield choice part 2

Laptop PC sales are falling, tablet sales are dropping, and even the might smartphone is plateauing. Wearables have been a bit of a damp squib, and VR is just starting out. In the midst of all this, one area does seem to be (anecdotally at least) doing

An Ode to Touchwiz…Surprisingly!

Regular readers of our website will probably read about my latest #firstworldproblem… the search for a (cheap) 10inch Android Tablet. After my #EpicFail with the unbranded variety. I scoured eBay for something else. In the end, I settled on an Xperia Z2 Tablet (not bad for £149). It