Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 5.5 – Review

Something I have been seeing across the industry right now is an emergence of lots of low price flagship challengers. These come from various sources, with the most prominent of these being China. Now, the inherent problem with buying from China is what then happens when it

IFA – Huawei Watch officially released

This one has been waiting in the wings for a while, since MWC in fact it has popped up every now and again since but we were always missing one vital clue. The price well that has been announced. It is going to be selling for €399.00

IFA – GIGASET launch the ME smartphone range

Hello from Berlin once again, and today a company which is known for producing home DECT telephones had decided to go ahead and release three new smartphones. The ME Pure, ME and ME Pro come to us from GIGASET. All three of the ME smartphones are said

Remix Mini Android PC to launch in October

The ‘Worlds First True Android PC’ – The Remix Mini – has successfully concluded its KickStarter Campaign, raising $1,647,155 in funding, and is set for an October launch. Unsurprisingly running Jide’s Remix OS, the Remix Mini provides a multi-tasking windowed environment and the ability to connect the PC

IFA – Huawei Press conference Live Blog

The Huawei event is one of the first big press events of IFA 2015. I am sitting in the hall and waiting to see what they will announce. Rumours are pointing to a new Mate phablet and a release date for the Huawei Watch. Let show begin…

Upcoming tablet 8 coming to the Google estate?

If It wasn’t such a possibility from the Chocolate Factory, I’d dismiss it as yet another rumour, but it makes a weird type of sense. Whilst we have absolutely no confirmation yet that there is any truth to this, some photos have come online from China that

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition – Review

Those of you who read the site regularly will no doubt be aware that I have had a couple of Ubuntu devices (including the Bq Aquarius E5) come through over the last few months to review. Now we have another one, and this is the daddy of them

IFA – What’s in my bag

I am sitting writing this whilst waiting for my flight to board to go out to Berlin and I thought I would update you on what kit I am going to be using to bring you coverage of the event’s over the next few days. Here is

Inside Huawei – Part One. [FEATURE]

I enter into the Huawei Cloud Park. It’s a modern office complex with relaxed-looking staff holding coffee as they scan through security terminals. I walk past some PR girls wearing the now familiar Honor T-shirts. They’re holding teddy bears and flowers. I’m not sure why, but it’s

Amazon instant video update. Now you can download movies

Are you a Amazon Instant video user? Well if you are there is an update coming to the app which allows you to download movies or TV shows to your device, so you can watch them off line later. You can only download over a WiFi network

IFA – Samsung unveil the Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic

Watches look best when they’re round. At least, that’s the way Samsung sees it. Their new Gear S2 smartwatch has been unveiled here at IFA. There’s going to be two versions, including one with 3G connectivity baked in. The specs include a 1.2” Super AMOLED 360×360 circular

Google launches Android Wear App for iOS

As discussed on this week’s Podcast, many people have been looking for ways to get Android Wear devices working with iOS devices. Fortunately this task has now been made significantly easier thanks to launch of an official iOS Android Wear App. Currently rolling out to Apple App

IFA – Huawei Mate S leaked early

We’re just snout to board a plane ahead of IFA. The event will showcase a lot of upcoming mobile tech, but Huawei are announcing their new device even earlier – tomorrow in fact. We’re all signed up for the launch, but it looks like @evleaks has already

China – The land where your smartphone was born. [FEATURE]

This week you’ll see special series of posts documenting my trip to China. It has the world’s biggest economy, where people buy more smartphones than any other country on earth. One in five people on Earth are Chinese, and as I begin to fly over the country,

Mockodile not enough? Goldgenie helps…

Sometimes mockodile is just not enough, or so I’m told. If you have large amounts of cash you need to part with and a desire to flaunt it with an iOS or Android device, Goldgenie might be a company with something to offer you. They even have

Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA update now available

Cyanogen OS, the corporate arm of the Cyanogenmod third party operating system based on Android, has released version 12.1 (based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1) and it is available to download now. If you have a device running it then choose Settings, About Phone, System Updates and if

Improvements made in payment options

Paying for goods and services has always been a simple process, but in recent years it’s seemingly become even easier. In the past, options essentially involved either cash or a cheque, yet debit and credit cards have swiftly become commonplace among cash and cheques, paving the way

McFlip – World’s first reversible Micro USB – On test

Type C USB cables are a way off from being common and a very long way from being ubiquitous. But the idea, blazing USB 3 speeds with a plug that is reversible – sounds awesome. The McFlip takes you half-way there and, more importantly, it’s available now and uses

£10 off those up-front prices this Bank Holiday

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so expect .. err… hot weather and barbeques. If we don’t get that then you can always head to the pub for “a quick one” and then wake up at 11AM on Monday with a very bad headache. If

Free SIM from The Peoples Operator, plus £10.50 bonus credit

Bit of a UK only deal now. The Peoples Operator is an MVNO that we originally covered a while ago as part of our Charity Networks article. They have now launched a rather cool sounding promotion which is designed to get you using their network. It’s pretty