Three to offer Honor 6+ exclusive

Three have just announced they will exclusively offer the Honor 6+ on a monthly contract here in the UK, away from having to purchase the phone outright. We’ve already had a hands-on with this thanks to the guys in Barcelona. The Honor 6+ is a device not

MWC – Hands on with the Honor 6 Plus

The Honor and Huawei branding is a little confusing. The Honor range was “meant” to be their budget range but this the Honor 6 Plus is a gorgeous device, it is similar to the Huawei Ascend G7 in design. But overall this is higher spec’d and built

MWC – Global Mobile Awards. Winners announced.

Believe it or not, it’s the 20th Global Mobile Awards ceremony this year. Hosted by John Cleese there were no awards for HTC this year and instead the “Best Smartphone” award went to joint winners – the Apple iPhone 6 and the LG G3. Why those two?

MWC – Lenovo Pocket projector hands on

On Sunday we announced that Lenovo were launching a Pocket Projector and I wasn’t overly enthused about it if I am going to be totally honest with you. However that has changed now that I have had a chance to get some hands on time with one

MWC – Lenovo new tablet range Demo and Hands on

Lenovo have been busy at MWC 2015 and have launched the updates to their mid tier Android Tablet range and a new Windows 8.1 Entry level tablet. I have already covered the tablets in a previous article here so we will just dive straight in with the

MWC – Full hands-on with the HTC One M9

During the big HTC One M9 event we only had a brief and very sweaty few minutes with the device on video. Sadly, even when we went to the stand today, there wasn’t any HTC staff to give us a demo or show the device off. So,

MWC – DTS Technology and Headphones X

Do you want to look as happy as this woman in the picture above? Well now you can as DTS Technology have just announced that they are rolling out their Headphones X custom audio experience to some major chinese brand including Huawei and Gionee (Kazam in the

MWC – Tesco Mobile to take on the Doro 820 Mini

We had a look at the Doro 820 Mini just moments ago, and if you’re interested in getting one, Tesco Mobile have confirmed that they will be selling it. Yes, it’s for the elderly, but Tesco are keen to point out the “beginners” who might be interested

MWC – Hands on with the Doro Liberto 820 Mini

Yesterday Doro announced the Liberto 820 Mini and today we got to have a play with it and the services offered by Doro. So to recap the Liberto 820 Mini is an Android based device for the elderly or for people who want a really easy to

MWC – Pebble Time Steel announced

I’m currently trying to find ways to tell James that I’ve “accidentally” kept his Pebble watch. I’ve been here in Barcelona since Saturday, it’s not been charged once and it’s received endless notifications during that time. Email, calendar notifications and tweets all pop up and I’m just

MWC – Wearables Keynote Speech Live Blog

Keynote from some of the Key Players in the wearable sector. Join us here live in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress for the latest news as it happens. Live blog below.. Tweet

MWC – KAZAM announce the Tornado 552L

We’ve managed to get a first hands-on with the new KAZAM Tornado 552L, which was only announced minutes ago. It’s at the top of their range and carries on from the KAZAM Tornado 348, which had a 4.8″ screen. This, the KAZAM Tornado 552L, has a 5.2″

MWC – Kronoz. Can a watch maker create a smartwatch?

We’ve already seen how smartphone manufacturers like LG create smartwatches. However, we should perhaps consider how an existing watchmaker approaches the problem. MyKronoz have designed watches since 2013 and I was interested in their ZeTel and ZePhone watches, which have SIM cards in, and the ZeFit, ZeCircle,

MWC – MHL bringing Smartbook to the market

Do you remember the Motorola Atrix back in the day. It was a brilliant concept but was fundamentally flawed. Palm also tried to get into this space with the Folio which never went any further than the R&D labs. Well today I discovered that MHL have picked

MWC – Gionee Elife S7 Hands on

Gionee announced the Elife S7 flagship today cementing themselves as a player on the European stage. It is a lovely device, and it is incredible light and skinny. Gionee are very keen to point out the camera features on the phone as you will see in the

MWC – Orange Ub-y brings people to you. Virtually.

I’ve seen some weird tech items before, but these things totally freaked me out today. Meet the Orange Ub-y (short for “ubiquity”), which roams around the Orange stand here in Barcelona. There’s actually two as I write this, and the girls controlling the devices are chatting to

MWC – Lacking an IR blaster? Get this.

Some of you are lucky enough to have an IR blaster in your phone. You’re lucky enough to be able to control your TV, stereo and more – direct from your phone. It’s a neat trick, if you’ve got the necessary hardware. What if you haven’t? Last

MWC – Slimport demo the Nano Console

The other day I attended an event where Slimport were in attendance, Slimport are the company who make your Micro USB port if you own an Nexus 5, LG G2, LG G3 or LG G Pad 8.3. Slimport is an alternative to MHL, but Slimport has taken

MWC – Hands on with the Asus Zenfone 2

Whilst I was trying to find the Asus Zenfone Zoom I found a whole stand of Zenfone 2 phones to have a play with, the Zenfone 2 is a great looking piece of kit, equipped with a 64 bit Quad CoreIntel chip, a fancy design and a