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Karbonn Mobile mark their UK launch with a Black Friday price-drop

Now, let’s admit it. You’ve probably not heard of Karbonn Mobile. They are, however, entering into the lower end of the Android smartphone market and, right now, you can get their flagship – the Karbonn Sparkle from Amazon for just £129.99. That’ll get you Android 4.4, 5

Black Friday – O2 Nokia Lumia Deals

There’s a number of offers available on Lumia. First of all, the Nokia Lumia 1020, which we reviewed here, is down to £169.99 on O2 Pay As You Go. You can get it in yellow or black and there’s a free grip with it too. Head to

Black Friday – Amazon Fire Phone £150 off

The Amazon Fire Phone. It’s proving to be a bit “marmite”, you either love it or hate it. The handset has a 4.7″ 1280×720 pixel screen at 315ppi, 13 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi etc. The reviews may be a bit mixed, and you have to be prepared

Black Friday – Chromecast for £18 on Amazon too

Last night we mentioned that Tesco had reduced the price of the Chromecast to £18. Actually it seems like they’re not the only ones, and if you’re unable to reach their website you can instead click over to Amazon, where it’s retailing for the same price as

Black Friday – Chromecast down to just £18

OK, here we go. Ready for the insanity? Black Friday, as you’ll all know, marks that horrific day, just 10 years ago, when the Coolsmartphone server went off-line for a day. People went mental, they put their phones down and went into stores, trying to find phones

Hey, wanna go into space?

Richard Branson is doing his thing with space flights, sure. It’s a nice idea but let’s be honest, I doubt I’ll be able to afford the journey. So, when I get an email telling me that a space flight can be done for less than £135 I’m

Forgot your headphones? How about a case that remembers them?

I have one rule. Don’t post about Kickstarter projects. We get several emails per day and I try not to mention them. However, this one looks like a very good idea. Picture the scene. You’re on the train, the bus or you’re walking down the street. You’ve

New Vodafone SIM only plans quietly slip out

If you’re looking for a SIM only deal, have a word with the dudes in your local Vodafone store. They’ve got some new offerings, which we’ve just had mailed to us, and they won’t be available online until next week. There’s new lower pricing and additional data

Black Friday deals from Mobile Fun

That time is nearly upon when the internet goes crazy for one whole day to try an get you buThey the latest products at cut down prices. Now, whilst we won’t see the door buster deals that are present in the States, more and more companies are

Kabbee introduces a London superhero

Well OK then, I’ll give these guys some airtime as they’ve been bugging me to heck about their app. Kabbee is a licensed minicab price comparison and booking website for Londoners. There’s an app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone too. You just whack in your

Xperia Z3 proves to be a photo pro

Don’t ask me quite how I do it, but I can easily make any low-light photograph look like a hideous mess. The resulting images are either pasty white faces or blurry dark ones, so to see such stunning photos from a phone is always a strange thing

Blogging like a train!

This weekend we’re doing something a bit different. It’ll involve one phone, a few battery packs and a lot of train journeys. From Friday all of my posts, pictures and updates across the weekend will be created and sent purely from my phone. We’re going to see

Test EE 4G with 200GB…. FREE!

EE are going all out with their 4G network in a bid to attract new customers both on their PAYM and PAYG plans, and with the largest 4G network here in the UK at over 70% 4G coverage, and a massive holding of spectrum no one can

Xiaomi Mi Band – Review

Xiaomi are a big name, a big name across the world, they are the third largest phone manufacturer at the moment, behind only Apple and Samsung. They are from China and along with companies like Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei they are starting to show people you don’t

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – Review

For so long Samsung fans have hoped to see a new phone with metal design instead of the traditional plastic material used on so many high value devices. And as if by magic we now have two – the Galaxy Alpha and the much larger Galaxy Note

Can you really get something for nothing?

Free stuff. At this time of year it’s in short supply. If you, like me, are looking to get something for nothing then, via your smartphone, you can get exactly that. This, at least, is what my good friend told me after a few beers in the

BT in talks to buy O2

If you’ve watched football on TV recently you’ll no doubt be aware that BT aren’t afraid of splashing their cash. They’ve already upset Sky TV by grabbing a big chunk of Premiership matches and viewers t’boot. So, if you’re gunning for the “quad play” market (broadband, TV,

Review – LuguLake Bluetooth speaker and built-in stand

This is a pretty decent idea if you think about it. Having a Bluetooth speaker is good, but you’ll find that your phone is usually placed on a worktop somewhere. Listening to podcasts, streaming media or internet radio is a little better if your phone is propped