RHA Announce new T10i Earphones


Regular readers will be aware of my love for almost any product that has been produced by RHA.

From their budget MA150 earphones to the more high end MA600i‘s the product range offers faithful audio reproduction and quality.  In fact almost a year after reviewing them, the MA600i’s are still my earphones of choice on a daily basis.

It is with a little excitement on my part then that the news of a new high end RHA product comes.

RHA say that “The T10i marks our latest step in product innovation and includes:

● Injection moulded stainless steel (heat treated at 1300 degrees for ten hours)

● Customisable sound signature using unique tuning filter system

● High fidelity sound reproduction from a custom, handmade dynamic driver


Debuting at IFA on 5th September,  Lewis Heath, Product Director at RHA says “The T10i in-ear headphone has a wealth of features that came about as the result of our ongoing R&D in high end audio. It takes some of the pioneering technologies, materials and engineering processes we developed for use with our forthcoming range of specialist, high impedance IEMs and makes them available in a product that can be powered by a smartphone or tablet”

The usual features such as the 3 button remote and 10 pairs of earphone tips as well as a carrying case are included as well as patent pending mouldable over-ear hooks.

The RHA T10i will launch with a three year warranty and a price of £149.95 in October 2014.  More information can be found here.

The full press release can be found below as well as more images.  We also hope to bring you a review soon after launch.

t10i-9 t10i-10 T10i-8 T10i-6 T10i-5 T10i-4 T10i-1

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