Order until 10PM for delivery the next working day on O2

Imagine the scene. I’m sitting on the sofa, feet up and watching another episode of Traffic Cops. To my right, my wife is buying clothes on Next.co.uk. It’s fairly late at night, but the clothes and shoes arrive the morning after.

Now O2 are at it too, and whether it be a phone or tablet, on a standard contract or O2 Refresh, you order before 10PM and it’ll arrive the very next working day.

Just to prove it, we emailed O2 at 9.50PM and, sure enough they sent us this chocolate bar in the morning. A guy on a bike delivered it. In a way I’m kinda glad he didn’t see me open it..

Oh good! My chocolate bar!

However, if you’re ordering a tablet or phone, you want the thing as quick as possible, so there’s now free next working day delivery if you order before 10PM

O2 Refresh is also great if you’re not good at waiting. Normal phone contracts last for 2 years, but with O2 Refresh there’s a separate device and airtime plan, so you can swap to a new phone whenever you want. Just carry on paying the airtime plan, pay off whatever is left on the device plan and get yourself a new phone or tablet. Best of all, the price is the same as a normal contract.

Do all that before 10PM and it’ll arrive the very next working day. Pretty cool huh?

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