A look at the Sky Sports Mobile TV App for Smartphones

imageIt’s the start of a new football season and many people will be looking for a way to watch Sky Sports on their Smartphones.

Sky have provided access to their Sky Go App for a while, which allows Sky Digital customers to watch live sky streams on their mobile Devices and Virgin Media now also has a mobile service. But what about those smartphone users without a residential Subscription TV service? Fortunately Sky have a solution, the Sky Sports MobileTV App

The Sky Sports mobile TV app is aimed at non Sky Customers and lets them make in-app purchases to subscribe to the service one month at a time for a very reasonable price. The service provides access to 2 different pricing tiers, for £4.99 per month you can get access to Sky Sports 1,2 and Sky sports News. For £9.99 per month you get access to 8 Sky channels, Sky Sports 1,2,3,4,5, Sky F1 along with 2 News channels which for the money provides great value of money for sports fans.

The first time you log on you are asked to create a Sky account which is easy to do and when loaded the app displays now and next information for each channel. Clicking on a channel will provide a complete program guide for that station with an option to watch the live broadcast. If you haven’t got a subscription then you are presented with an option to purchase a months subscription In-App, this creates a recurring purchase so if you want to end your subscription then you need to manually cancel it.


Good Quality Mobile Sky Sports

The video stream works over both 3G and WiFi and the quality of video is good, not as good as BBC iPlayer, but still very watchable. Earlier in the year Sky did have terrible network problems affecting the service but these now appear to be resolved.

The Sky Sports Mobile TV App is a fantastic App which provides a cost effective way for non Sky customers to watch Sky Sports on their smartphones.
Those wanting to watch Sky Sports on the Move or just want an alternative and legal way to receive the service should check out the App.

The iPhone version of the Sky Sports Mobile TV App can be downloaded here
The Android version of the Sky Sports Mobile TV App can be downloaded here (Check device compatibility first)

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