Nokia Lumia 2520 chopped down in price, but be quick

If you’ve just read our Lumia 2520 review and want to buy it, head down to the “not really known for their bargain prices”-store that it John Lewis. They’re taking a whacking great £150 off the Lumia 2520 for the next few days only.

This will drop the price down to £249.95 if you’re quick. For that you’ll get a device with 4G built-in and has a great 10.1″ screen. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.2GHz CPU and has 32GB storage, WiFi, GPS, 2GB RAM and more.

Seriously though, check out the full review that James wrote up. It’s fantastically put together and well worth looking through if you’re even considering this Windows RT tablet.

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