Cortana coming to the UK soon…


One of the great new features of Windows Phone 8.1 was Cortana, the voice activated assistant. A grammatical mistake I hear you cry!  One of the great new features of Windows Phone 8.1 will be Cortana, the voice activated assistant.

Of course, for those in the UK (or anywhere apart from the US for that matter), Cortana did not arrive with WP8.1. Our English version of English was clearly too much for Microsoft’s virtual assistant to handle. It was possible to get it working, by simply changing the region to the US, but then you had to put up with silly things like the weather in Fahrenheit and other absurdities.

That all is about to change. Cortana is seemingly on its way, imminently.  Responding to a question, Marcus Ash, the group programme manager of Cortana, replied that:

“Barring an unforeseen issue, down to less than 2 weeks for the developer preview.”

That was last week. The countdown is on…tea and scones anyone?

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