Apple hook up with IBM to get further into your business

I remember laughing when business people started buying iPads.

“Pah. They’ve got it all wrong”, I thought, “that’s not a business tool”.

Even though a lot of tasks were still perhaps better done on a Windows laptop at the time, the iPad and iPhones took over and they are being used for business. Now, with Microsoft battling to get people to use their phones and tablets for business again, Apple have joined forces with IBM. Yes, IBM..


It’ll mean that business apps – more than a hundred of them – made by IBM for the iPhone and iPad. They’ll be “industry specific—bringing IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities”.

The whole deal will add device management, security, analytics and mobile integration. To be honest it’s Apple pushing further into your business life, ensuring that iPads and iPhones become more appealing to industry and enterprise.

Further details are avilable at or, plus the full press release is below.

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