READYACTION goes surfing – Document your sporting adventures on your smartphone

We took a look at the Ready Action harness last month. My demo, unfortunately, was a little unexciting and resembled something from a cooking show that was perhaps trying to be a little creative.

Screenshot 2014-07-03 at 22.52.30

Anyhow, this harness – which straps to your chest and gives a stable and sturdy platform to fit your smartphone onto – is available to buy from their website and we’ve stumbled across this video which is slightly more interesting than the kitchen-based one I filmed last month.

That little video was filmed by someone strapping an iPhone 5 to their chest in a waterproof case. It then attaches to the harness via a smartphone holder. The results, for a lot less money than a GoPro or similar, are rather good indeed I’m sure you’ll agree.

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