Another Windows Phone 8.1 update available

WP 8.1 update

There is something incalculably exciting about OS updates. Often they will fix as many things as they subsequently break. Sometimes, like the previous WP 8.1 update, massive changes are effected, as the battery drain issue that many people had suffered from (myself included) since upgrading to 8.1 was fixed.

Within the last few days Microsoft has pushed another update.  If it doesn’t show up automatically, check that you have logged into the Developer Preview app, as you’ll need to add your details since upgrading to 8.1.  You can also manually check for an update in settings.  You are looking for OS version 8.10.12393.890

Unlike the previous one, this was not announced and there hasn’t been any sign of a changelog.  I upgraded my Lumia 1520 24 hours ago and haven’t noticed the slightest difference.  If readers spot anything please do write in…




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