Do you fancy flashing Cyanogenmod 11S on your Oppo Find 7a?

The OnePlus One is a fairly unique device, or it is in the software stakes anyway. Running a unique version of Cyanogenmod, which was made specifically for the OnePlus One and many people are itching to port it to their devices. Not too surprisingly the first device to get a port is the Oppo Find 7a, which I’m currently using as my main device. Many people who have bought the Oppo Find 7a are finding the ColorOS software a bit of a mess and are wishing for Cyanogenmod to be released and so far this is the closest we’ve got.

As the Oppo Find 7a and OnePlus One are virtually identical, are made in the same factory, financially backed by the same people and even look quite similar, it goes without saying that porting the ROM was just a matter of taking a system dump changing a few bits and making a zip file. So hats of to someone clever for doing this.

What works:
Front Camera / Video

What doesn’t work:
Rear Camera / Video are upside down
Voice Wake
Storage is only reporting 3GB

Installing it is a bit of a fiddle, u basically need to root your device, flash a custom recovery, create a nandroid backup of your device, copy the backup to your SD card, download the custom ROM .ZIP file, copy that to your device, reboot into recovery, perform a total wipe of the device and then flash the new ROM. Just head over to the link below to get the download links.

For information on the rooting and custom recovery malarkey I’d head over to the Oppo Forums in the Find 7 section and read every possible piece of information before you attempt this. As you could easily break your phone. I repeat, read every possible piece of information before you attempt this, as you could easily break your phone. So if you break your phone it’s your fault OK.

Source – XDA Developers

Via – Phandroid

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