Spotify turns to The Dark Side… May the new look be with you…

Now before you panic, Spotify hasn’t actually turned to the dark side as such..  But it has had one of it’s biggest updates for the web, iPhone and Android since it first launched all them years ago. Spotify are calling this their Best Ever looking Spotify with a lot of “ographysc” such as new Typography and new Iconography everywhere to make a cleaner looking Desktop App, Web App and Phone App (All of which are shown above).  Think of it as a darker version of RDIO to get a better idea.

Check out the photos of the iPhone Version of the app below:

iphone-your-music-albums iphone-your-music-playlists iphone-now-playing

So what else can you expect from this new Update… 

  • The new design is darker and brings Album Art and Content forward making it more visual.
  • “Your Music” tab  the ide bar allows you to save music and albums rather than making additional playlists.  Making your self a collection of music rather than too many playlists.
  • The Browse feature has been updated to provide more user specific content to what you like and listen to.
  • The “Star” feature has been removed and is pushing you towards the “Your Music” collection to provide you with all your listened to music. (Lots of people seem a little unhappy by this.  I know I am but spotify have said they’ll transition the starred tracks into a basic playlist, just no more one click adding.)

Overall this looks like a much needed refresh to the slightly aging interface we’ve been used to.  The new look brings it in line with modern apps and adds a lot of features people have been asking for for years on spotify’s forums.  Great to hear there listening to peoples feedback, now if we could just get some chromecast support added to the app id be one very happy camper.

Currently the update is available for all Desktop, Web and iPhone users and the update is marked as Available soon for all other platforms.  If you want a closer look then have a watch of the video below from Spotify showing off its new interface in use.

Fancy reading the press release about this? Just hit up the link below.

Spotify paints it black with new look – Press News

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