Sony unveil ‘Digital Paper’ tablet


Sony have lifted the lid on their latest tablet, Digital Paper. A 13.3″ E-Ink tablet, this thing is aimed at the office. The display is the same flexible technology they showed off last year, but this device doesn’t flex, apparently that trick is being saved for a new device soon. Instead it’s focused on being able to annotate and edit PDF files that you upload to it, or using the ‘notebook’ to jot notes down into new files using the included stylus (and word on the street is only the included stylus). Packing an impressive 1200 by 1600 dot resolution it is a very nice looking E-Ink display.


Sounding good so far? It has 4GB of onboard storage while also packing a MicroSD card slot, it’s getting better. It’s only 12.6 ounces in weight and will run for 3 weeks on a single charge, apparently that equates to 24,000 page turns. Not bad, you can read (or write) quite a few books with that many page turns! (Maybe we should quantify battery life in the form of page turns from now on for more devices…)

So where do I sign up? When can I get one? Well, this is listed as a Sony ‘Professional’ product so you’ll have to hunt it out through one of their approved resellers. If you find one you’ll be forking out about £660, and you can do so sometime in May. I like the idea, and I am always looking for ways to add more technology to my life but that’s quite a chunk of money…



Link – Sony

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