Trying to get your PAC from Ovivo? Not heard anything?

Screenshot 2014-03-26 at 21.16.24

The MVNO that was Ovivo went pop rather spectacularly last week. For those that transferred their number to the network there was at least the ability to get a PAC code and transfer your number back out again.

A form on the now-closed Ovivo Mobile website let you request your PAC but we’re hearing that a number of you haven’t received it yet. However, after looking into this a bit more it seems that some emails aren’t getting sent but the PAC codes are getting created. If you requested yours and haven’t received anything just yet, head on over to this page and enter your mobile number and your email address – it’ll hopefully show your PAC code on screen if you’ve not had anything arrive in your inbox.

Don’t forget to check our earlier story if you’re still looking for alternatives to Ovivo. Thanks to Simon Haram for the tip on this one.




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