Pick up a pay as you go bargain thanks to Vodafone

We all live a good bargain and up until the end of the month Vodafone are offering the Galaxy S3 and S4 rather cheaply on PAYG . They’re also offering the Smart Mini III.
Here is what Vodafone are telling us this morning. I’ll add shop links in a bit once they’re live.

From now until 31st March, there’s a whopping 30% off a choice of three amazing Pay as you go smartphones:

1.     Vodafone Smart Mini III – WAS £75, NOW £52

2.     Samsung Galaxy S3 – WAS £170, NOW £119

3.     Samsung Galaxy S4 – WAS £475, NOW £330

So if you’re after a cheap decent device the Galaxy S3 deal is a bargain.

Update – Vodafone have got back to us about availability and apparently the prices are in store prices only.

Update no 2 – Contrary to what Vodafone have told us and then confirmed again when we questioned it. It seems that the deal is actually for the Galaxy S3 Mini.

Possible breach of security at Cerberus.
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