Monitor your car from your phone with Carlock

I’m sure there’s some of you out there who know exactly where the diagnostic port on your car is. That OBD connector might’ve been used by yourself with one of those cables you bought off eBay (and that “iffy software” that “fell off the internet”) or the brilliantly clean AA man might’ve plugged his laptop into it to diagnose a fault with your car.

There’s another use for it though. You can plug this CarLock device into it. Once it’s in you can forget about it, and the device will monitor the movements and location of your car, beaming the results directly to your smartphone.

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Wait though, it’s not all about firing off an alarm on the phone when your wife gets near the Bull Ring, this will also inform you if any “suspicious” activity is going on. You can set a “lock area”, which defines the area the car must stay within (good if you have young or inexperienced drivers too perhaps) and it’ll also tell you if the GPS signal is lost (or jammed) and if the device is unplugged. There’s also alerts when your car battery is getting low and if there’s any “unusual vibrations” in the car – although if your teenage son is borrowing your motor you might find out a bit more than you anticipated using that..


The app itself, which is available for Android and iPhone, is designed not to hammer your battery and, in an age when most cars are broken into after thefts to get vehicle keys, it can be your instant tracker.

There’s a one-year warranty and you’ll need to pay €99 (about £82.28) plus a monthly subscription fee of €4.90 (about £4.07) for the service, which isn’t too bad actually. The device will be available in April and you can pre-order it now on their website


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