Wanna feel what’s on your screen? Fujitsu have a way


Whilst at the Fujitsu stand I spotted this rather interesting prototype tablet. It includes haptic feedback, which basically provides a “feeling” when you glide your feeling over the screen.

Don’t worry, I’ve not gone mad yet. It really did work, and although it’s hard to demo or describe, it’s almost as if your finger as just hit some glue on the screen. Very strange, but very good, and definitely something that would help those with failing eyesight when using a tablet or smartphone.


The technology, as far as I understand it, involves some ultra-fine vibrations getting sent to the screen. This isn’t like your usual phone vibration – you can’t feel the tablet moving or “vibrating” in any classic sense of the word, it’s just as if your finger has hit a patch of sticky stuff on the screen.

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